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Welcome to our Web site dedicated to the safety of you and your family. A few keystrokes and clicks probably got you here. Pretty simple, right?
Being able to connect to anyone at any time in just seconds is pretty cool. But it’s dangerous, too.

Criminals use the Internet as a weapon. Con artists and scammers are looking to make a connection, too. They want information. Personal information. Your information. These crooks are pretty slick. They come up with bogus marketing schemes and empty promises
to build your trust. Don’t fall for them!

How can you tell when you’re being scammed? That’s why BeStreetSmart is here. Click on the links above to find information that we, at the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office, believe will both educate and empower you. We’ve included a special section on methamphetamine abuse because of the terrible impact this drug has had on American families.

There are videos, too, including one in the lower right-hand corner of this page.

I hope you visit this site often. You’ll see changes as you do. We’ll have the latest scam alerts,
plus new videos and news of programs and events devoted to making “The Street” safer.
Tracking cyber-criminals is a full-time job. And what better place to fight them than in
cyberspace! Thank you for joining us in this fight.